Welcome to Ask the Mechanic!

At The Bike Palace, we really try to anticipate the needs of our clients (it isn’t always easy!) After some thought, we felt that you might be able to use help in diagnosing, and even servicing your bikes. Along the way we’ll also be giving you some tips on what to look for when buying a bike, and new trends in the industry. Our initial articles will be pretty basic, but we hope to add more sophisticated topics as we continue with the blog
-Tony and the Team


About bikepalace

I work at The Bike Palace in San Pedro, California. I'm helping the owner, Tony Jabuka, extend the store's web-presence.
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3 Responses to Welcome to Ask the Mechanic!

  1. Teresa Hand says:

    When i turn my handlebars turj, but my wheel stays straight

  2. ernie lorne says:

    ijust purchased an Electra Hawaii red womans bike, cuz I like the new flat foot technology, but because my leg are a short 27 inch, combined with the fact the in Feb 2013, I had surgery for a brain tumour, and while I want to ride my bike, I need to be able to have both feet flt on the ground, while I sit on the bike seat. Is it best for me to change to a 24inch rim or what do u suggest. It doesnt matter about the cost of the rims. The bike is a 3 speed with an internal Nexus rear hub and coasterbrake. what do u suggest??

    • bikepalace says:

      Implied in your message is that your current bike is still too tall for you to comfortably sit on the seat, while still having your feet on the ground. Going to 24″ wheels will only lower the bike about 1.5 inches. You’re sure that the seat won’t go down any further, correct (I had to ask)? Can you bring the bike in, so that we can see how you fit on it? -Bob

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